Car Shipping Companies and Good Advice

Car Shipping Companies and Some Good Advice from a Pro

Finding good car shipping companies is very important. There are no do-overs.

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Car Shipping Companies Coach

I am Coach, a former car shipping broker and I know all about car shipping companies. On these pages I will share with you everything you need to know about car shipping companies before you pick up the phone. I wish to remain anonymous for a variety of reasons.

I worked for a well-known and highly rated car shipping company for a long time. I know from first-hand experience ninety-five percent of people I spoke to on the phone did not understand car shipping companies and how they work. Most of my customers were shipping a car for the first time. Those who had some prior experience didn’t have much of an advantage over the first-timers. In my eyes, they were all rookies.

I spent my days answering people’s questions about car shipping. Almost all the people I spoke with were talking to other car shipping companies before deciding whom to chose to ship their car. Many of my prospective customers were shopping for the best (lowest) price. They had no idea how to evaluate the various quotes. They had no idea how the quoted price was arrived at. They had no idea what was “behind” the quote. And, they didn’t even know  what the word “quote” means. They thought (and were often led to believe)  the $750 quote and the $800 quote and the $1,000 quote got them the same service from the car shipping companies. They though the only difference in the “prices” was how much (or how little) each of the car shipping companies was willing to make to ship their car. But the car shipping business doesn’t work that way. The various quotes do not get them the same thing, not by a long shot. I’ll explain all this and much more in my car shipping companies training session.

In speaking with prospective customers I could tell some of them had been given misleading information from other car shipping companies that were over-promising, and underbidding to “capture” their business. Often times those car shipping companies won the prospects trust; won their business; and won their money. Other times my prospective customers fell victim to agents who employed certain industry “tricks” to ensnare their customers.

Win or lose, I always played fair. I told my prospective customers the honest truth about the process and the cost of shipping their car. The hardest part of my job was trying to educate my prospects about how car shipping companies and how the business really works. Some listened to me and took my advice. Others didn’t. Some people were too busy to bother listening to me. I am sure some others thought they were smart enough, and didn’t need to listen to my advice. Or, perhaps some people just didn’t believe what I said. Some people hired me, some hired someone else.You can’t win them all. But I am proud to say, I never won by cheating. That is, misrepresenting the facts and taking advantage of a rookie’s lack of knowledge and inexperience.

Ben Franklin said it best: Honesty is the best policy. With due respect Ben, I’d like to tweak that a bit. Honesty and transparency is the best policy.

Unfortunately, there are many people in the car shipping industry who don’t abide by Ben’s policy. In fact, they make a damn good living ignoring his policy. They take advantage of inexperienced rookies and deceive them in a number of ways. These guys sound just like the pros, but they’re not. They tell their prospects what they want to hear, rather than the truth. They sound soooo good. They’re friendly, they say all the right things. They promise, they assure, they guarantee, they convince. They make the sale. Here’s what one unscrupulous agent said to me about his customer’s:

They’re such easy prey. It’s like cooking frogs. You put the frog in the water, and then you turn on the heat. By the time the frog notices anything’s wrong, it’s already been cooked.

Boiling-Frog-SyndromeRookie getting cooked

Spending (investing) ten or fifteen minutes reading this material will save you money and most importantly, your precious time. The information I give here is the advice I would give to my family and friends if they were about to ship their car.

The next page you should read is the Coach’s Training page. Is it worth your time?  Think about this: The people on the other teams have all the power and they control the game:

  • They control the ball (your car)
  • They control the clock (your time)
  • They control the money (your cost)
  • They control the betting, the odds and the outcome (you’ll see what I mean)
  • They make the rules (contracts and terms and conditions)
  • They have home field advantage (you are playing their game on their turf)
  • They have more experience (they do this for a living, every day, with lots of people!)

But, you can take control of the game and level the playing field if you know how to play with The Car Shipping Companies.  Some of what you will learn in these pages:

  • Who the players are and how much they make
  • What happens behind the scenes once you place your order
  • How and where to find the real professionals
  • The real meaning of three key words you need to know
  • How to evaluate a quote
  • How to determine a fair price
  • How to set your own price  (Yes, you can do that, and it’s easy!)
  • A game plan that makes you a Winner

Don’t be a Loser and cry about how you lost the game because you were not prepared. In addition to the Coach’s Training page be sure to read these pages:

The Losers Page: The Losers page is by far the best (most instructional) page on my website. It validates everything I teach in my training session. There you will see thousands of horror stories of rookies who lost the game (and cry about it online) because they didn’t know what they were doing. They didn’t know how to play, whom they were playing against, or the rules of the game. They all entered the game expecting a problem free transport (a win) but they were handed a loss. It’s fascinating reading, really. You can learn a lot from Losers. The Losers will teach you what not to do.

Coach’s Blog: A few short posts worth reading.

Be Leery if You Hear Any of these Lines. A list of deceptive lines some agents use to capture your business.

Worthless Instant Quotes. A short blurb on why instant quotes are totally worthless and why you should never rely on one.

Fuel Cost Calculator. A cool little tool that calculates how much it would cost you (in gas) if you drive your car particular car between any two major cities.

Damage to Your Car. A short couple of paragraphs on what to do, when to do it, and how to do it, if your car gets damaged during transport. Hint: You only have one shot. Most people miss it. There are no do-overs.

Outstanding Car Shipping Companies page. I tested dozens of companies by posing as a completely hapless guy shipping my car for the first time. Most companies failed to meet my high standards. A few were outstanding in the way they conducted themselves. The companies listed on the Outstanding Auto Transport Companies page are the best brokers in the car shipping business.

I am no longer a car shipping broker but I would feel comfortable referring any of my friends or family members to any one of these car shipping companies. No, they don’t pay me anything to be listed on this website. They didn’t ask to be listed and they have no idea who I am. They do not pay me anything , for any reason at any time.

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